This website was created as a part of a movement research which focuses on the ways of sensing, feeling, and exploring places. Which places? 

The world as a place, continent as a place, country, region, city, district, home. Place of leisure and of work.

Private and public, social and cultural, urban and rural places.

Safe and dangerous places. Forgotten places and places under construction. Utopian, virtual and celestial places.

Body as a place.

In-between places. 

What does it mean to "look what is around you", "acknowledge the environment" or "sense the surroundings" while dancing?

* * *

You will find here a score that has been practiced during the research as well as background information and inspirational sources. The score you can download and try yourself or in a group. It is a collage of various form of exploring i have gathered from my past teachers and people I have meet in various contexts.

In the sections concerned with research sessions video materials as well as additional questions are there to bring the viewer closer to the lived experiences of participants. 

The video materials and text are not intended to be look at from the beginning to the end, but rather scanned through following own interests.

Each of the session took place in a different place - starting with a dance studio in HfMDK, moving into a park places in the very centre of the city Frankfurt.


















To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

research on sensing, feeling and responding to places,

movement exploration and environmental awareness